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Impact theory - approximately 65 million years ago, a giant asteroid about five miles in diameter is believed to have collided with the earth. As a result, enormous earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme storms, and volcanic eruptions occurred. This lead to the lack of plants for herbivores, and the decrease in population of prey for carnivores. Because of this, up to 75 percent of all species existing at the time became extinct. The only animals that survived were those that were capable of traveling long distances to find food, and those living underwater who weren't as affected by the impact. The dinosaur was one of these animals that became extinct. The dragon which lived alongside the dinosaur, survived by either flying to safer ground or going under water.

The marine dragon below, thought to have evolved into the crocodile of today, had many of the same traits. Like the crocodile, the marine dragon would have had a palatal valve at the back of it's throat to keep its lungs from flooding while holding prey under water. The fire breathing dragon would have required a similar valve to prevent the back draft of fire.

Marine Dragon

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