Jack Rackham

Jack Rackham was also know as "Calico Jack" for the bright clothing he often wore. He was the quartermaster on the Neptune, a warship lead by Hywell Vane. Once Vane refused to engage in battle with a French vessel. The crew was so disappointed that they conspired to overthrow Vane. Rackham was elected as the captain's replacement, and talked the crew into turning to piracy.

When in the Bahamas, he met and fell in love with a married woman, Anne Bonny. Rackham attempted to buy her from her husband, James Bonny, who complained to the Governor of New Providence, Woodes Rogers. The Governor ordered Anne to be flogged, and returned to her husband. She instead eloped with Rackham.

Bears Of The World

Rackham had accepted a King's Pardon, swearing off piracy. He and Anne Bonny had a child which they eventually left with some pirate families in Cuba. Rackham, who had eventually ran out of money, returned to piracy and convinced Bonny to come with him. Rackham had assembled a crew, stole the sloop "Curlew", and set assail with Bonny onboard.

When Governor Woodes Rogers learned of Rackham's return to piracy, he sent out a sloop which caught up with him near Jamaica. Anne Bonny and Mary Read, another female pirate onboard, attempted to fight off the attackers while the rest of the crew slept. The entire crew surrendered without much resistance and was arrested and taken to Jamaica where they were tried on November 16, 1720 for piracy. Anne Bonny and Mary Read, were tried seperately and jailed after claiming to be pregnant. The rest of the crew was hanged and their bodies placed in chains and hung at various locations on as a deterrent on Deadman's Cay near Port Royal, Jamaica. Deadman's Cay was later renamed "Rackham's Cay."

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