Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts (b.1682 - d.1722) is believed to have been one of the most successful pirates in history, having seized over 400 ships in the Caribbean and off the coasts of Africa and Canada. One of the flags that he flew portrays him standing on two skulls, ABH (A Barbadian's Head) and AMH (A Martinican's Head). The other flag shows Roberts and the devil holding up an hourglass, indicating to his prey that their time's running out.

Roberts was forced into piracy at the age of 37 when the slave ship he was on "Princes of London" was captured by Howell Davis and his crew. Just a month after Roberts was captured, Howell Davis was killed at Principe Island and Roberts was elected captain of the ship "The Rover". Roberts first act in command was to attack Principe Island to retaliate for the death of Davis. After being in piracy for 4 years, Roberts died in battle with a British warship off the coast of Africa.

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