Wolf Classification

North American Gray Wolf Subspecies

Subspecies Common Name
Canis lupus alces Kenai Peninsula Wolf  (extinct)
Canis lupus arctos Arctic Wolf
Canis lupus baileyi Mexican Wolf
Canis lupus beothucus Newfoundland Wolf  (extinct)
Canis lupus bernardi Bernard's Wolf
Canis lupus columbianus British Columbia Wolf  (extinct)
Canis lupus crassodon Vancouver Island Wolf
Canis lupus dingo Dingo
Canis lupus familiaris Domestic dog
Canis lupus fuscus Cascade Mountain Wolf (extinct)
Canis lupus griseoalbus Manitoba Wolf  (extinct)
Canis lupus hudsonicus Hudson Bay Wolf
Canis lupus irremotus Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Canis lupus labradorius Labrador Wolf
Canis lupus ligoni Alexander Archipelago Wolf
Canis lupus lycaon Eastern North America Timber Wolf
Canis lupus mackenzii Mackenzie Tundra Wolf
Canis lupus manningi Baffin Island Wolf
Canis lupus mogollonensis Mogollon Mountain Wolf  (extinct)
Canis lupus monstrabilis Texas Wolf  (extinct)
Canis lupus nubilus Great Plains Wolf
Canis lupus occidentalis Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Canis lupus orion Greenland Wolf
Canis lupus pambasileus Interior Alaskan Wolf
Canis lupus tundrarum Alaskan Tundra Wolf
Canis lupus youngi Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf (extinct)

Eurasian Gray Wolf Subspecies

Subspecies Common Name
Canis lupus albus Tundra Wolf
Canis lupus arabs Arabian Wolf
Canis lupus campestris Steppe Wolf
Canis lupus chanco Tibetan Wolf
Canis lupus hattai Hokkaido Wolf (extinct)
Canis lupus hodophilax Honshu Japanese Wolf (extinct)
Canis lupus italicus Italian Wolf
Canis lupus lupus Common Gray Wolf
Canis lupus pallipes Iranian Wolf
Canis lupus signatus Iberian Wolf

The red wolf is listed seperately because for so long it was viewed as it's own separate species (the Canis rufus). The Canis lupus floridanus and Canis lupus gregoryi were recognized as subspecies of the red wolf. However, at the present, they are all identified as subspecies of the gray wolf.

Red Wolf Subspecies

Subspecies Common Name
Canis lupus rufus Common Red Wolf
Canis lupus floridanus Canis lupus floridanus  (extinct)
Canis lupus gregoryi Canis lupus gregoryi  (extinct)

The wolves listed below are of species other than Canis lupus. Some are not considered to be "true wolves."

Other Wolves Of The World

Species/Subspecies Common Name
Canis dirus Dire Wolf (extinct)
Canis edwardii Canis edwardii (extinct)
Canis aureus lupaster Egyptian Wolf
Canis indica Indian Wolf
Canis simensis Ethiopian Wolf
Chrysocyon brachyurus Maned Wolf

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